Grades 6-8: Nurturing Inquisitive Minds

In Grades 6-8, we create an environment that encourages exploration and active learning. Our approach is geared towards fostering holistic growth and nurturing the intellectual curiosity of students

A Nurturing Classroom Atmosphere

In our classrooms, students are actively encouraged to ask questions, share ideas, and explore topics in depth. This nurturing atmosphere not only fuels curiosity but also enhances the learning experience.

Flipped Classrooms for Engaged Learning

We embrace innovative teaching methods, including flip classrooms. Here, students take charge of their learning journey by studying assigned readings at home and actively participating in real-time problem-solving during class sessions. 

Hands-On Learning Experiences

Knowledge comes alive through hands-on experiences. Our well-equipped science labs provide students with opportunities to explore, experiment, and gain insights into the world of science.

Building Confidence Through Special Assemblies

This plays a vital role in boosting students' stage confidence and public speaking abilities. These experiences not only build self-assuredness but also provide a platform for students to address their peers and express themselves effectively.

Encouraging Student Engagement

We understand that learning goes beyond textbooks. That's why we offer a variety of voluntary clubs centered around specific interests, activities, or academic areas. These clubs, such as Digital Journalism, Design Thinking, Sports, and Coding, provide students with a platform to unite, bond over shared passions, and engage in activities that extend beyond the standard academic curriculum.

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