Kindergarten (KG): A Foundation for Lifelong Learning

In our KG program, we prioritize interactive and engaging learning experiences for our young students:

Phonics-Powered Language

Phonics-Powered Language Development

We enhance language skills through an interactive and systematic approach, focusing on teaching reading and writing to young children.

Activity-Based Learning

Activity-Based Learning

Our approach involves hands-on activities and puzzles to improve motor skills, coordination, and concentration.

Critical Thinking

Nurturing Executive Functioning Skills

Our lessons incorporate various activities designed to promote essential executive functioning skills, such as self-regulation, reasoning, and problem-solving.

Critical Thinking

Experiential Learning

Our approach prioritizes fostering a positive attitude toward education and encourages independent inquiry and experiential learning.

Science Exploration

Curriculum for Children

We strive to create a child-centered environment and offer experiences that equip children with age-appropriate skills.

Critical Thinking

Progress Assessment  

In KG, we assess children every 20 sessions, with written exams twice a year for Junior Hoo and Senior Hoo.

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